IC (Intensive Course)

This 1 or 2 day educational course delivers a training program of international relevance on varying topics. The topics of concern are the bottlenecks of drug development, approached by various perspectives; medical, pharmaceutical, social, economical, and also industrial viewpoints.

Titles of past IC
# Date Title
#1 July 2005 Developing Drugs with Clinical Pharmacology: Critical Path/Proof of Concept
#2 Jan 2006 Early phase clinical trials and promoting drug developments: microdosing (MD) and PET
#3 Sept 2006 What is the bottleneck in drug development and approval? -In view of a Japanese critical path-
#4 Mar 2007 How useful are models in new drug development and evaluation
#5 Feb 2008 Sharing the knowhow's of drug development: how to deal with evidences and negotiation
#6 Jan 2009 Solving the urban legends in drug development
#7 May 2009 Prediction of pharmacokinetics and its use in drug evaluation
#8 Jan 2010 Common sence in drug evaluation -Time for regulatory science?-
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science
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